Mothers and children took a miniature voyage through history on July 2 during The Mariners’ Museum field trip. The Mariners’ Museum and Park is one of the largest maritime museums in the world. Nonetheless, it’s located just 10 minutes away from the Church of God in Newport News. Additionally, this is one of the Church of God’s “Mommy and Me” events. “Mommy and Me” is a series of events hosted by the Church to provide fun activities for mothers and their children to do together.

Sometimes it can be hard to find activities that are both entertaining and educational for the children, especially with a wide range of ages. However, there are more attractions than one may think for families to learn and grow together. God prepared many interesting activities in the world for us to experience. Maritime history just so happens to be one of them.

Several moms from Newport News and Virginia Beach participated in the field trip. Mothers and their children took a journey through time seeing many different ship models and artifacts from the past. The children were even able to climb through life-size models. They also witnessed the process of making smaller models. Furthermore, towards the end, they sat in a theater and watched a short film on wartime ships and their occupants. After exploring the whole museum, everyone gathered outside for an outdoor picnic. Mothers sat together with their kids eating and discussing their favorite exhibits.

The mothers and children couldn’t have asked for a better time. “Mommy and Me” events encourage all families to come together through the love that bonds them, that is, a mother’s love. In reality, this type of love comes from God the Mother, who, together with God the Father, created the spacious universe for the children of God to explore. To participate in fun and purposeful outings, geared towards children’s amusement and parent socializing, please contact us.