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The World Mission Society Church of God faithfully preaches and practices the New Covenant. This teaching originated from Christ, who conveyed the message of salvation, walked the path of sacrifice, and exemplified love. Today, the Church of God extends an invitation to all people, urging them to come to God the Father and Mother—represented as the Spirit and the Bride in Rev 22:17—to receive salvation through the New Covenant.

The Church of God believes in Elohim God according to the teachings of the Bible.

The Church of God was founded by the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong in 1964. The name “Church of God” is derived from the Bible (1Co 1:2; Gal 1:13), signifying that it is the church established by God. It actively engages in global volunteer services and shares the message of salvation from God the Father and God the Mother to all people worldwide.

Church of God in the World Today


About the Church of God

Christ Ahnsahnghong,
Founder of the Church of God

Historically, the teachings established by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago were abolished during the Dark Ages. Yet, the Bible prophesied a second coming of Christ to restore these teachings. Christ returned with the new name Ahnsahnghong, reinstating all the truths of the Early Church. He established the Church of God as the exclusive institution that observes the New Covenant Feasts of God.
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Elohim God: God the Father and God the Mother

The Church of God stands out for its distinctive belief in both God the Father and God the Mother. The original Hebrew text of the Bible uses the term Elohim to refer to God, directly translating to plural Gods, indicating that God has always been more than one. Throughout the entire Bible, from the first page to the last, there is clear and explicit explanation about the existence of God the Mother.

Our Bible-Based Beliefs 

For those who believe in God, the Bible serves as the exclusive standard for judgment between right and wrong. This is because God’s word, given for the salvation of mankind, represents the only truth and the path to salvation. The World Mission Society Church of God is dedicated to comprehensive Bible teaching, with all its beliefs, practices and knowledge of Christ rooted in the Scriptures.
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Members of the Church of God, spanning various age groups, unite to express the love of God through volunteer initiatives. They coordinate and participate in events aimed at safeguarding the environment, uplifting communities, and responding proactively during times of disaster.

Our Mission

The mission of the church is the mission of the Savior who came in the flesh. Jesus Christ gave the commission to preach to all people and teach them to obey everything He commanded (Mt 28:18). In obedience to this command, the members of the World Mission Society Church of God preach and teach the truth of the Early Church and guide all people to the Spirit and the Bride who promise eternal life in the last days (Rev 22:17).

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The Church of God shows appreciation and gratitude to family members and loved ones by creating opportunities for shared experiences and memories through special events and activities.

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