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God the Mother

Female Image of God

The Female Image of God in the Bible

The Bible describes Christ as being a mystery (Col 1:25–27). However, it should be our goal to understand and press on to know Christ so that we can receive eternal life. The only way for us to know the Savior is through the Scriptures (Jn 5:39). On the first page of the Bible, God deliberately spoke in plural to reveal that there is not only the male image of God, but also the female image of God.

“Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness’”

Genesis 1:26

If God were solely male, all of humanity would be male. However, God used language to illustrate the coexistence of both male and female images. Males were created in the male image of God, and females were created in the female image of God.
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According to the book of Romans, the creation is used as a model for God’s people to understand the spiritual world (Ro 1:19–20). All of God’s creation contains His will to help us understand God’s plan of salvation (Rev 4:11). As such, just as mothers are integral to physical life, the spiritual dimension operates similarly. Simple creatures like plants, to the most complex human beings, all receive life from a mother. God made it this way to show us that it’s the same thing spiritually. It’s God’s will for us to receive eternal life from God our Mother.

To attain eternal life, it is crucial to acknowledge and accept the existence of the female image of God. According to prophecy, we must come to both God the Father and God the Mother to receive eternal life.

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