Frequently Asked Questions

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The Resurrection

Q: How is the resurrection described in the Bible?
A: Two distinct resurrections await God’s people—those who have passed away in Christ and those meeting Him in the air while still alive at the last day.

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 God the Mother

Q: Is God the Mother in the Bible? A: Numerous people around the world believe in God the Father. However, only the World Mission Society Church of God acknowledges both God the Father and God the Mother.

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The WMSCOG and Jesus

Q: Does the World Mission Society Church of God believe in Jesus? A: Yes, the World Mission Society Church of God believes in Jesus and actively embodies Christ’s teachings, following His path and spreading the message of salvation that he taught.

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The New Covenant

Q: What is the New Covenant? A: A covenant, which means promise or agreement, holds significant importance in spiritually connecting us to God.

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 The Structure of the Bible

Q: Why are some books excluded from the Bible?
A: The non-Canonical books, dating from around 400 BC to the birth of Jesus, were excluded from the official Bible canon after multiple screenings.

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