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ASEZ WAO Mother’s Forest Campaign: A Green Triumph in Suffolk, VA

On Sunday, October 30, 2023, 63 ASEZ WAO volunteers came together to make an environmental impact in Suffolk, VA. Volunteers planted 41 trees in Sleepy Hole Park, carrying out the ASEZ WAO Mother’s Forest Campaign.

This event was in partnership with Suffolk Parks and Recreation, who received a grant for various types of trees. The volunteers were able to plant Bald Cypress, Eastern Red Cedars, Black Gums, Swamp White Oaks, and Sweetbay Magnolia trees.

To support volunteers, the event began with words of encouragement from Mayor Michael Duman. He said, “Thank you so much for volunteering your time; It’s really what makes the world go round. It’s the volunteers, folks like yourself, that donate your time and your resources and don’t expect anything back for it. That’s what makes our country as great as it is and that’s what makes our city great as well.”

The Environmental Impact of Tree Planting

The 41 trees planted at Sleepy Hole Park will benefit Suffolk in the following ways:

Carbon Sequestration: As the trees mature, they will serve as a powerful carbon sink, addressing the pressing challenge of climate change.

Improved Air Quality: By filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen, these trees will enhance the air quality of Suffolk, promoting the health and well-being of its residents.

Biodiversity: The careful selection of tree species creates a home for local wildlife, enriching the ecosystem.

Shading and Cooling: In years to come, these trees will offer comforting shade and cooler spaces, providing relief to all who visit Sleepy Hole Park in the warmer months.

As the trees take root in Suffolk, they display the power of community collaboration and environmental stewardship. Their lasting presence will benefit generations to come.

Mother’s Forest Campaign

Today’s event was part of the ASEZ WAO Mother’s Forest campaign, which promotes the restoration and growth of natural green spaces. The campaign aspires to plant 7 billion trees by 2030. In doing so, ASEZ WAO takes a decisive stance against climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To date, the campaign has seen 6,839 trees take root in 14 countries.

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