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National Hot Dog Day 2017

America is a melting pot of many cultures. People of different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities have brought in their own customs to create a blend of food, language and tradition. Without such diversity, America would simply not be America.

The hot dog is a great example of cultural blend. The “frankfurter” was popularized in Germany while the “wiener” is historically known to have originated in Austria. Yet, in America, the “hot dog” on a bun came into prominence. With endless arrays of topping combinations, the hot dog is a classic symbol of American culture.

The Church of God in Newport News celebrated National Hot Dog Day, opening their doors to friends, family, coworkers and everyone else to enjoy hot dogs to their hearts content. Upon arrival, guests received greetings and a proper introduction. Afterwards, they chose from 6 types of hot dogs prepared from around the globe. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their hot dogs with their favorite toppings. However, hot dogs were not the only thing guests enjoyed. While visitors and Church members socialized, various biblical videos played in the background. As a result, with their curiosity aroused, all of the visitors decided to do a Bible study.

world mission society church of god national hot dog day newport news virgina

“[It was] so unique and something new so I liked it. I thought it [Bible study] was really good, I learned a lot,” said an invited guest as she expressed her enthusiasm from the event and the Bible education.

“It led me to an eye-opening experience,” said a coworker of a Church member who decided to sit in for a Bible study. “I’m glad to have come here today.”

As the night ended, all of the guests were very happy. Several said they would like to come back for future events and Bible studies. Just as America is a successful blend of customs from around the world, the Church of God was pleased to have a successful blend of their own, mixing delicious hot dogs with stimulating Bible studies.

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The WMSCOG and Jesus

Q: Does the World Mission Society Church of God believe in Jesus? A: Yes, the World Mission Society Church of God believes in Jesus and actively embodies Christ’s teachings, following His path and spreading the message of salvation that he taught.

world mission society church of god national hot dog day newport news virgina 0041

National Hot Dog Day 2017

On National Hot Dog Day, the Church of God invited guests to enjoy a selection of hot dogs from around the globe.

22 Responses

  1. Through this event, God’s power was clearly seen! Every single guest stayed afterwards for Bible study. It was such a blessed evening. So many smiles and beautiful words filled the atmosphere. I’m so thankful and honored to witness such an amazing evening.

  2. The turnout for this event was great. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Many guests stayed to study the Bible. Giving thanks for a great turn out and hopefully having more events like this in the future.

  3. This event was amazing! I love studying the Bible and I’ve always enjoyed eating hotdogs, but I never thought about the two being put together! I hope many more people can come study the Bible at the World Mission Society Church of God!

  4. Wow this was such a great day. I really enjoyed myself at this event. You can def. find me at the next one.

  5. Such an awesome experience! Everyone loved the hot dogs and enjoyed the Bible study afterward! So glad to be a part of such a happy event. I’m on the edge of my seat for the next event coming up!

  6. The Hot Dog event was a blast!! This church is always so welcoming with bright smiles from all the church members. It is refreshing to witness the love and passion that the WMSCOG has because the same love you see in the Bible is the same love you experience whenever you visit this church. I look forward to coming to more events in the future!

  7. I didn’t know that there was a such thing has national hot dog day! But I’m happy we got to enjoy hot dogs together with our family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers! The atmosphere of the entire church was very uplifting and I definitely had a great time. The Bible studies were amazing of course! I’m happy I got to be a part of this event! I can’t wait for more events to come! And more bible studies to learn!

  8. This day was amazingly fun! It was awesome to have met so many new people from different backgrounds and just get to know each other over food. What better way to bond and socialize than with food? I enjoyed myself, I’d definitely like to attend another event held at the Church of God.

  9. What better way to have people come together than with food. Physical AND spiritual! I always have felt church should be a welcoming place, and in the WMSCOG I finally found that!! This event was so great, meeting others and sharing not only our love for hot dogs, lol, but more importantly our love for God. I can’t wait for more events like this!

  10. This event was so much fun. I had such a great time. Everyone was smiling and laughing which made me feel so comfortable. It was like I was attending church with family and friends. I even had a chance to do a bible study. The bible study was so amazing and I’m excited to come back and learn more. I’m so glad that I was able to attend the WMSCOG, and I cannot wait until the next event.

  11. I had a phenomenal time there! Every event so far has been just as good, if not better than the last. Every time I come I feel welcomed like a close friend or even a family member. I always learn something new and interesting. I can’t wait until the next event!

  12. It was Sweet!
    Ate hot dogs with friendly, happy families, who shared their stories.
    Studying the bible after that, clearly shows the relationship we can have with God the Father and God the Mother.

  13. I had an amazing time! Every event at this church is so fun & the whole family will have a good time. You will be sure to catch me at the next one 🙂

  14. The hot dog event is a great way to bring your family and friends together and enjoy the Bible. What an amazing event!

  15. I enjoyed seeing everyone smiling and feeling comfortable. The world can be chaotic at times but in the World Mission Society Church of God you can truly feel the love of God especially events like these. I hope to attend more in the future! 💕

  16. Through this event, Gods power was clearly seen! I’ve never seen each person that attended an event in the Newport News Zion stay afterwards for bible study! Every single person that came for Hot Dog day stayed and studied the Bible with joy in their hearts. It was such a blessed evening. So many smiles and beautiful words filled the atomsphere. I’m so thankful and honored to witness such an amazing evening.

  17. Being part of this event showed me how much the Church of God practices the teachings of the Bible. God did not come to be served but instead God always served the people (physically and spiritually as well). The members of the Church of God serve the people in their communities with the heart of a mother. This event was one of the many opportunities they took to serve the people around them and to display the love of God. If more people were like the members of the Church of God, the world be full of love and unity and this world would be a better place to live in. Thank you Church of God for your continued effort to serve the world through your Godly and wonderful deeds.

  18. Greetings from Singapore! I wish we have such a day too! Love hot dogs too! I sure wished I could be there! ^^

  19. This event was so awesome! I had so much fun! Everybody was so nice and welcoming. I’m so glad I was able to go! I will definitely be going to the next event!

  20. I love hot dogs. I would have been there. I’ve attended other events and they’ve been really good too. The members of the Church of God are so kind, which I’ve never seen before in other people. They really resemble God’s love.

  21. It’s great to see the bright smiles on their faces. I also hope that those who were there come to feel Elohim God’s love, giving all thanks from the bottom of their hearts!

  22. National Hot Dog day! What an amazing event! To see all the happy faces, positive energy and the word of God, everything was just perfect. This church is incredibly amazing! I recommend everyone come to this amazing church!

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