America is a melting pot of many cultures. People of different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities have brought in their own customs to create a blend of food, language and tradition. Without such diversity, America would simply not be America.

The hot dog is a great example of cultural blend. The “frankfurter” was popularized in Germany while the “wiener” is historically known to have originated in Austria. Yet, in America, the “hot dog” on a bun came into prominence. With endless arrays of topping combinations, the hot dog is a classic symbol of American culture.

The Church of God in Newport News celebrated National Hot Dog Day, opening their doors to friends, family, coworkers and everyone else to enjoy hot dogs to their hearts content. Upon arrival, guests received greetings and a proper introduction. Afterwards, they chose from 6 types of hot dogs prepared from around the globe. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their hot dogs with their favorite toppings. However, hot dogs were not the only thing guests enjoyed. While visitors and Church members socialized, various biblical videos played in the background. As a result, with their curiosity aroused, all of the visitors decided to do a Bible study.

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Friends having a great time enjoying each other’s company on National Hot Dog Day at the Church of God.

“[It was] so unique and something new so I liked it. I thought it [Bible study] was really good, I learned a lot,” said an invited guest as she expressed her enthusiasm from the event and the Bible education.

“It led me to an eye-opening experience,” said a coworker of a Church member who decided to sit in for a Bible study. “I’m glad to have come here today.”

As the night ended, all of the guests were very happy. Several said they would like to come back for future events and Bible studies. Just as America is a successful blend of customs from around the world, the Church of God was pleased to have a successful blend of their own, mixing delicious hot dogs with stimulating Bible studies.