Typically, students in college are eager to receive an education to prepare them for life ahead. However, on September 14, a group of students at George Mason University met after classes in the Hub Building for an education to nurture their spiritual life.

SERVE, a campus Bible study group composed of members of the World Mission Society Church of God, who are also GMU students, hosted the Seal of God Bible seminar.

Before starting the seminar, attendees had a chance to socialize and get to know each other. Many studied different majors and lived on different sides of the campus. But they all had the same goal — an earnest desire to study the Bible and understand its prophecies.

The seminar kicked off with an icebreaker. Everyone had to choose three survival items they would need in an emergency situation. They chose food, shelter, and water. After all, these are basic survival necessities. The host then asked students to eliminate two of their choices. Surprisingly, they all had one choice — shelter.

The icebreaker segued into the seminar presentation. The topic of the seminar emphasized the need for protection in times of distress and danger. Through the Bible, participants learned that God puts a seal on His people to protect them in times of danger.

As the speaker asked, “Then, how can we receive the seal of God?” everyone seemed intrigued. Once again referring to the Scriptures, the students saw the way to acquire the seal of God — through the New Covenant Passover. They were fascinated.

Overall, the attendees were very happy with the first SERVE seminar of the semester. They also expressed their interest in more on- and off-campus SERVE activities, including community services, seminars, and fellowships. Not only do they have an interest in furthering their education at George Mason but they feel a need to feed their spirits as well.