The Spirit and the Bride

spirit and the bride

Water is necessary for life. We also need spiritual water, the water of life, to sustain our spiritual life.

Heavenly Mother

heavenly mother

Salvation is made complete through Heavenly Mother. The Bible lets us know that we can inherit the kingdom of heaven through the Holy City Jerusalem, God our Mother.

God the Mother and Eternal Life

god the mother

The Bible is the only book that explains who the Savior is and how we can receive eternal life. It also reveals prophecies about Jesus as well as second coming Christ. One of them is about the Last Adam and the Last Eve. Looking at the prophecies about Adam, we can understand about the existence of God the Mother.

Female Image of God

female image of god

Through all of creation, God teaches us about the existence of the female image of God. It was God’s will that life in all living organisms come from mothers.

Jerusalem Mother

jerusalem mother

In the book of Revelation, God the Mother appears as the Heavenly Jerusalem and the Bride of the Lamb to give all people eternal life.

God the Mother

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The Bible says that the Jerusalem above, the Heavenly Jerusalem, is God our Mother.