Feasts of God

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God established seven annual feasts to give His people the forgiveness of sins and the power of the Holy Spirit. Each feast contains a special blessing. And through them, we can remain connected to God and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Women’s Veil

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When it comes to worship, God established certain regulations we must follow so our worship may be acceptable to God. One such regulation is the requirement for women to cover their heads during worship while men should worship with their heads uncovered.


baptsim water

Baptism is the ceremony that allows us to be born again spiritually. Through baptism, our sin is buried in water and we come to live a new life in Christ.

Holy Trinity

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The Trinity means that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same God. The same one God plays three different roles with three different names and appearances.

About the Soul

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A fundamental component of faith is the belief in the soul. Understanding the origin of the soul and where it came from gives us insight into where we are going and why we must believe in Christ.

Sabbath Day

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God commanded us to keep the Sabbath Day. While it is a day of rest, it is first and foremost a day to commemorate God who created the heavens and earth. And it is Saturday.


Whether our life of faith is just beginning or if we’ve believed in God for years, the Bible should be the core of our faith. The best way to know God and develop our relationship with God is through His words.

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