The Resurrection

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Q: How is the resurrection described in the Bible?
A: Two distinct resurrections await God’s people—those who have passed away in Christ and those meeting Him in the air while still alive at the last day.

 God the Mother

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Q: Is God the Mother in the Bible? A: Numerous people around the world believe in God the Father. However, only the World Mission Society Church of God acknowledges both God the Father and God the Mother.

The New Covenant

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Q: What is the New Covenant? A: A covenant, which means promise or agreement, holds significant importance in spiritually connecting us to God.

The WMSCOG and Jesus

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Q: Does the World Mission Society Church of God believe in Jesus? A: Yes, the World Mission Society Church of God believes in Jesus and actively embodies Christ’s teachings, following His path and spreading the message of salvation that he taught.

 The Structure of the Bible

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Q: Why are some books excluded from the Bible?
A: The non-Canonical books, dating from around 400 BC to the birth of Jesus, were excluded from the official Bible canon after multiple screenings.

Newport News ASEZ STAR Hosts Teacher Appreciation Lunch

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To celebrate the hard work of dedicated educators, ASEZ STAR, a group of middle and high school student volunteers from the Church of God, hosted a teacher appreciation lunch on September 10, 2023. With over 60 attendees, including 11 cherished teachers, it was a gathering that left an indelible mark on everyone’s hearts. Delicious Food […]