ASEZ Crime Prevention Forum

ASEZ Crime Prevention Forum at Old Dominion University

On April 19, 2023, ASEZ held a campus crime prevention forum at Old Dominion University. Attending the event were ASEZ volunteers, students and guest speakers. In total, 4 MOUs were signed by the attending leaders, showing their continued support for ASEZ.

The event started with the introduction of ASEZ and the Reduce Crime Together Campaign. The hosts spoke about the “broken window theory,” which shows that visible signs of crime increase the likelihood of more crime. However, by eliminating visible signs of crime, the likelihood of continued crime will decrease. For this reason, ASEZ is carrying out the Reduce Crime Together campaign by cleaning campuses and their surrounding communities.

Leaders Discuss the Future of Crime Prevention

Attending the discussion about crime prevention were Delegate Jackie Hope Glass and Delegate Angelia Williams Graces of the Virginia House of Delegates, ODU Chief of Police Garrett Shelton and Paul Leccese, an instructor for ODU.

First, Delegate Jackie Hope Glass spoke about her vision for crime prevention, starting with small community efforts. She stated, “What I hope for the outcome of this forum is a lot of ‘go dos.’ I think that it’s important that we not only leave here with a robust conversation, but understanding of the little things we can do in our own backyards. Sometimes we walk into these conversations thinking we’re going to just shift the world. What I hope this conversation does is ground us and help us to have the tools to change our corner of the world.”

Then, Chief of Police Garrett Shelton spoke about the impact ASEZ volunteers have on their communities. He expressed, “Volunteering is one of the greatest things that you can do. It takes a special person to be a volunteer. ASEZ looks at how we can make our environment better, how we can engage with other young adults and how we can engage in our community. I would say continue to reach for your goals and hopefully you can make a brighter future for everyone.”

To end the forum, everyone took a video cheering, “The future starts here! The future starts with you! ASEZ ASEZ ASEZ!” All guests attending were thankful for the forum. One student stated: “I felt very happy to be here, I felt like I needed to be here. This was a very good thing to do here at the campus.” ASEZ volunteer Kobe Mitchell also mentioned, “This was a wonderful and impactful event that will allow ASEZ, students, and the community to come together.”

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22 Responses

  1. It’s amazing to see young people taking a stand on crime as in this day and age it is increasing effecting certain communities.

  2. It’s so great to see young adults making an impact in the community!
    The increase in crime is definitely alarming, but thanks to ASEZ we can play our part in reducing it. Excited to see what else ASEZ has instore!

  3. It’s amazing to see passionate young adults making a valuable impact in the local community and public campus! Keep up the great work ASEZ students!

  4. Everything was so well organized and such an impactful event for the community. I can’t wait for the next! This was beyond my expectations!

  5. It’s really remarkable to see young people spending time on topics and discussions such as this. I believe ASEZ can have a great, positive impact on communities as long as they keep it up!

  6. Hats off to the ASEZ Crime Prevention Forum team! Your dedication to creating safer communities is truly heartwarming. The smiles on these volunteers light up the room with joy.

  7. Looks like a really nice event. The proactive efforts of the young adults in organizing a crime prevention forum at their university, applying the “broken-window theory,” are commendable. These young adults are a beacon of hope, showcasing the positive impact young individuals can achieve in creating safer communities. 💪🏼🙂

  8. It’s comforting to see the upcoming generation entering the workforce with a mindset focused on more than just their day-to-day tasks but also on making the community better. Great job ASEZ!

  9. I was fortunate to be a part of the first Crime Prevention Forum held by the students at Old Dominion, it’s great to see them continuing to lead this campaign. Great job.

  10. What a great way to raise awareness about crime reduction! Through crime prevention efforts, I hope this forum can enlighten many on how we can all contribute, ensuring a safer environment for our future generation. Keep up the good work!

  11. Absolutely inspiring to see the youth stepping up to protect our community! Excited to see what they accomplish next!

  12. Thank you for always supporting crime prevention in every aspect – ASEZ is always working hard to raise awareness and more and more are realizing this!!! Good job everyone!!!

  13. Congratulations to ASEZ on a successful event! Their dedication to signing MOUs with community leaders to advance volunteerism and improve the world is truly commendable. “Save the Earth From A to Z” is a powerful and inspiring motto. Love it!

  14. I’ve got to echo the police chief – it really does take a special person to volunteer. Old Dominion University is a better place because of you all. Keep it up!

  15. People don’t understand how impactful conversations like these really are. It can make our communities so much safer when we work together!

  16. Excellent Forum! All the information was very interesting. I had never heard of the broken window theory, but this is even more of a reason to be more involved in the community.

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